Sunday, 22 December 2013

Rick Grimes: From a Man to a Punching Bag

I do believe that watching a TV show in big chunks has its set of advantages. You can see a bigger picture, you get less irritated by the omnipresent cliffhangers, and you are capable of forgiveness. What do I mean by forgiveness? Well, you can choose to ignore some of the episodes that weren't all that good, simply by holding on to the aforementioned big picture. That is just what I did, and it worked... To a point.

Some time has passed since I gave up on watching the Walking Dead - a time of peace, a time of prosperity. However, recently (just when I thought I was out) I got pulled back in. Well, not really pulled in (I hope you got the reference there?), more like intrigued in, if there is such a word construction. People kept telling me I should continue watching, that it got good, that I wouldn't regret it etc. Well, I gave it a shot - episodes five, six, seven and eight.

Rick Grimes and his bloody hand
We shouldn't fight, my hand hurts

Firstly, as I could have guessed it, they were still drooling on (even literally) with all that sickness that went around. All the famous faces, all the same walls, and a slow extinction of unimportant characters. I was ready to give up, once again, frustrated by the dullness of the show. Coughing each other to death is just not my kind of genre. Although maybe that really should be a new genre? A cough-off. A gruesome, disgusting genre, but still... I'm just rambling on (and off course).

So, what happens then? The Gov'nah walks right in. And the show takes on the aspect they were quite familiar with, way back, the retrospective approach. All of a sudden he becomes the leading man, and truth be told he does a good job. I do believe people cared for him, perhaps recognizing in him some of the former qualities of Rick Grimes - the leadership, the decisiveness, even humanity. So, Rick Grimes... Perhaps a dozen lines and only here do I mention him, irresponsible of me, but deal with it.

Rick, well, you know him, you know what he was, and more importantly, you know what he has become. Like I said, I enjoyed watching Brian take the lead, because when he gets motivated he really becomes a gigantic force (whether good or bad is of no relevance). After a few episodes I saw the prison and knew I would face the dullness of the first four episodes and I didn't know if I could bear it. Rick was now a broken man, one that all the guns in the world couldn't repair.

Now I know, he had a rough life (not counting the pre-plague one), with loosing his wife, and killing as many people as he killed Walkers - by the way, I haven't seen a Walker run the whole time. Perhaps they are unable to. Perhaps the starving world made them live up to their names and forsake running. I don't know. Back to the point. When it came to the final shootout I cheered for The Governor, despite him reverting to his psychotic self again. And quite a shootout it was. Perhaps something of a comment on society, how people always end up killing other people, not sure. So, when (spoiler alert, I'm too lazy to change the font or something) Hershel gets a shave cut, and the Governor and Rick finally come fist to fist we get let down. I'm ignoring the fact that Rick was unable to shoot his nemesis in the face from a talking distance, and focusing merely on his melee attacks. When all the rage should have built up in him, the memory of the problems Brian caused then and now, the thought of being able to end it all instantly, Rick fails. And he fails miserably, as he gets beaten and dragged off to the death's cliff, but in the nick of time saved in the manner of deus ex machina, or rather, Michone ex machina.
That really just summed up in the few minutes, what I was thinking about Rick until then, that he's gone beyond soft, he's probably liquid now... Having said that, I can't but feel sorry for him, since I remember his glory days, his normal days, really. Will he ever return? I sincerely doubt it.

The real question is - what now? The Governor has left us, and we are yet again forced to lay our hopes into this man. They all got separated into groups, because that's the only thing writers are able to come up with, and beaten down Rick is left alone with his son, who is probably tougher than him. I alone can think up of around a dozen of possible scenarios, but knowing Rick he'll go for the sappiest.

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